View Full Version : My Angel Part 2 - Lynk Lee

20/04/2010, 04:23 PM


You’re all my love, do you know baby?
Deep in my heart, only U, mah lady
So, everyday I miss you
And I always think about you
In all my dreams I kiss you
I can not live without you in my life
I wanna keep this moment in my heart
I need you baby
Believe that we belong together
I love you till forever
Ver 1:

When the sun is shining brightly
I’m looking at you smiling with me baby
I think I’m a fool?
No, touching you, kissing you, everything that I can do
Nobody could make you so happy and funny like me
Nobody could make you so crazy like me
That I can hope, just say I love love love
Yes, I wanna love my angel
Forever in my heart, you are my angel
Believe me I’m a king, not like a gangster
We’ll go together
I guess my love story is legend in history
The miracle comes between us
That’s wonderful when I love you
Reading the love story ‘bout me
And I know you’re my all

Ver 2:

It’s the feeling when I met you in the first time
I can’t forget your smiling and your voice
I remember very clearly
And now you’re far away from me
I wanna hear you say you love me
That’s the reason why I still love you in spite of the distance
My heart turns toward your heart woww….
And you’re too far
Although the distance is thousands of miles,
You’re always beside me all the time
Give me, give me, give me all your love
I wanna see you happy
When you know you’re my all