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The vital role of Advertisment! - Phiên bản có thể in

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The vital role of Advertisment! - C3Vietnam - 12-10-2012

Advertising: A Vital Tool for The Development of Enterprises.

An economics expert once said, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.’’

This is absolutely true. Promoting an enterprise’s image by advertising is really essential for the enterprise’s expansion.

Because of our professional, energetic and experienced film-makers and consultants team, C3 Vietnam is confident that we will satisfy all enterprises and their customers in terms of promoting their company image.
Corporate films are short videos in which we provide ideas for companies in order to help them tell or introduce their businesses and products.

The video will be more effective if you can use it in giving presentations about your company or your products to your customers and partners. In addition, you can upload videos onto your company’s website, or use them as a TV commercial.

Corporate film is a tool that will help you in:
1. finding new customers,
2. helping your customers to further understand your company, products and management of staff,
3. gaining your customer’s trust in your company and your products,
4. making it easy for your customers to introduce your company to their friends using the video,
5. making it easy to share about your company through the Internet.

In this area we have successfully cooperated with domestic and foreign companies which require high quality such as Midway Steels Company and Clan from Australia, WWF from Switzerland and SNV from the Netherlands.

For more information regarding C3 Vietnam’s projects please visit our websites below.

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