Bản tin tuyển dụng CNTT tại Đà Nẵng ngày 26/05/2015

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Bản tin tuyển dụng CNTT tại Đà Nẵng ngày 26/05/2015
1. Evizi tuyển Senior JAVA Engineers và Senior Java Platform Engineers
a. Senior JAVA Engineers: vieccntt.com/evizi-tuyen-senior-java-engineers-2.html
Mô tả công việc:
- Software design
- Software development
- Deployment and maintenance

b. Senior Java Platform Engineers: vieccntt.com/evizi-tuyen-senior-java-platform-engineers.html

Mô tả công việc:
- Building a large scalable platform for large volume data transactions
- Developing RESTful APIs for interfacing with other components
- Own deployment of platform at a cloud service provider
- Developing and implementing strong algorithms / techniques for solving problems in a high-volume, high-availability environment

2. Công ty Song Song tuyển Lập trình viên C#.NET - Hạn HS: 31/05/2015 - Địa điểm: Đà Nẵng - Số lượng: 02
Mô tả công việc
Lập trình các dự án phần mềm , web của công ty, yêu cầu bảo mật cao.
Yêu cầu biết C#, SQL server. Biết sử dụng Visual studio.

Xem tin chi tiết: vieccntt.com/cong-ty-song-song-tuyen-lap-trinh-vien-c-net.html

3. EFE Technology tuyển 06 Nhân viên PHP Developer tại Đà Nẵng
- Lập trình dự án website dựa trên yêu cầu của khách hàng với các CMS: Magento, WordPress, Drupal.
- Tham gia vào các công đoạn của quy trình phát triển dự án (analyzing requirements, design architecture, implementation, test and deployment process)

Xem tin chi tiết: vieccntt.com/efe-technology-tuyen-nhan-vien-php-developer.html

4.Công ty cổ phần Asian Tech tuyển Ruby On Rails Developer - Hạn HS: 20/06/2015 - Đia điểm: Đà Nẵng
- Analyze system requirements/specification
- Design, develop and test web applications in Ruby/Ruby on Rails
- Coordinate with Project Manager and Bridge SE to resolve issues
- Write technical documentation
- Support team members to resolve technical issues

Xem tin chi tiết: vieccntt.com/cong-ty-co-phan-asian-tech-tuyen-ruby-on-rails-developer.html

5. Gameloft tuyển IT Technician - Hạn HS: 30/06/2015 - Địa điểm: Đà Nẵng

Supporting users in IT technical issues in line with the company’s policies/processes. Helping ensuring the operability, reliability and security of the company’s information systems.
1. IT service:
• Receiving support requests directly from users, via emails or hotlines, logging tickets to the Helpdesk system, and confirming the reception of requests to users in a timely manner
• By oneself or together with the team, analyzing the issues, proposing solutions and implementing them in accordance with ETA guidelines for common IT tasks. Main areas of support include PCs (hardware/software/connectivity), LAN cabling, Wireless, printers, fax machines, scanners, photocopying machines, projectors, fixed telephones and other IT devices
• Escalating network-, server- and corporate web tools/applications-related incidents/requests to GNS team for further resolution. Escalating serious incidents to IT Supervisor/ Manager and the Management for immediate attention and decision making
• Keeping track of incidents/requests and communicating with users/managers regarding their status and resolution
• Supporting GNS to maintain/upgrade IT infrastructure and application systems
• Setting up PCs (hardware/software/connectivity) for newcomers and Gameloft employees from other studios
• Maintaining/Upgrading PCs (hardware/software/connectivity) and other IT devices for current users when requested
• Completing other technical tasks assigned by IT Supervisor/Manager and the Management

2. IT Administration/Management
• Logging, tracking and updating tickets on the Helpdesk System
• Suggesting the purchase of IT hardware/software for new users or for upgrade/replacement if needed, checking condition/configuration of new/current items, updating the inventory system and keeping them organized in the IT store. Liaising with vendors/suppliers for delivery/replacement/maintenance services
• Documenting all knowledge and experiences in the File Sever/Knowledge Base System
• Completing other administrative tasks assigned by IT Supervisor/Manager and the Management

Xem tin chi tiết: vieccntt.com/gameloft-tuyen-it-technician.html

6. NTT Data Vietnam tuyển System Analyst | Phân Tích Hệ Thống & Lập trình viên JAVA
a. System Analyst | Phân Tích Hệ Thống: vieccntt.com/ntt-data-vietnam-tuyen-system-analyst-phan-tich-he-thong.html
• Translates requirements defined by business analyst into logical, economical and practical system designs.
• Analyzes and Designs system flow and procedures to ensure optimum control and security of data and efficient use of resources.
• Prepares detailed specifications from which complete sets of programs will be written.
• Perform the role of Quality Assurance when system is ready.
• Support System installation, User training & system maintenance

b. Lập trình viên JAVA: vieccntt.com/ntt-data-tuyen-lap-trinh-vien-java.html
- Responsible for the development of major components or modules and contribute to the design and maintenance of the products.
- The opportunity to contribute to all aspects of the product development process, from specification and design, throughout integration, release and maintenance.
- Participate in the decision making process regarding the selection, customization and support of the array of software engineering tools used by the engineering group; i.e. version control, change management, knowledge repository, JAVA, UML modeling, etc.
- Lead junior software engineers and review the quality of their design and implementation.
- Create quality source code; document code and procedures thoroughly as prescribed by the engineering standards.
- Use common development tools such as compilers, debuggers, profiling tools and source control system as prescribed by the engineering standards

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