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[Image: 64992826_390671911572415_608981104354918....jpg?w=736]
Three students from Vietnam have been hand-picked as part of a group of 30 students to join an exciting new program launched in Sydney to highlight student life.

The program, known as My UniLife is run by UTS Insearch, the pathway to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), uses social media to showcase the unique lifestyle and experiences university students can enjoy in Sydney. The Vietnamese ambassadors come from a range of different cities, including Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Duong, and Hai Phong.

UTS Insearch’s Head of Marketing, Ms Bernice Lester said the students provide valuable insights that would help others.
"Students from Vietnam may be thinking about studying at an overseas university without really having had the chance to know what everyday life in that city might be like," Ms Lester said.

“The My UniLife program gives students and parents this opportunity to see what studying in Sydney looks like, through the eyes of students. They can ask current students questions about studying at UTS, how they get to the university campus each day, if they can they find Vietnamese food easily or how they can make friends in a new city.”

“Our student ambassadors also have the opportunity to enhance their leadership, networking and communications skills through their role as an ambassador. Helping other students as they look at their study abroad options was a key reason for them joining the program,” she said.

[Image: quynh-you-can-follow-her-on-instagram-40....jpg?w=736]
Quynh from Hai Duong said that My Unilife because she would like to show how easy is to make friends as an international student in Sydney.

“I love spending time meeting other local and international students after class and making friends in my breaks. We go for lunch then catch-up for social events on weekends. Living in a cosmopolitan city like Sydney means that I can meet students from all over the world in my classes. All you need to do is make the effort,” Quynh said.
“Being an ambassador in My Unlife has allowed me to meet other ambassadors from around the world. I want to work in travel marketing so meeting the other ambassadors is the perfect market research to help me become an expert in different destinations.”

[Image: michelle-you-can-follow-her-on-instagram....jpg?w=736]
Michelle from Hai Phong said that she wants to show how international students can combine both part-time work and study while studying abroad.
“I study business and major in accounting and finance and work part time as a bookkeeper. Having this synergy between my study and work is wonderful and I can practise so many of the concepts I learn during class doing my work preparing tax returns,” Michelle said.
Michelle added that studying in Sydney has meant she gets to try living in a share house with other students.
“I live with Japanese girls. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange. I have learnt Japanese and we cook for each other,” she said.

Ms. Lester said that with more than 30 students selected for the voluntary program, including three from Vietnam, the applicants’ academic progress, extracurricular interest, and enthusiasm for sharing their lives as international students were very evident.

“We are incredibly proud of our students and what they go on to achieve and I’m so pleased that students in Vietnam will get to see their stories unfold through the My UniLife program”.
The Vietnamese My UniLife ambassadors use Instagram to communicate with future students about studying at UTS and living in Sydney.

You can follow Quynh @UTSInsearch_Quynh and Michelle @UTSInsearch_Michelle on Instagram or visit My UniLife:
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