[Album] American Idol Season 10 Top 12 - Mediafire

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[Album] American Idol Season 10 Top 12 - Mediafire
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1.Smells Like Teen Spirit-Casey Abrams

2.I'm Your Baby Tonight-Haley Reinhart

3.Alone-Jacob Lusk

4.I'll Be There For You-James Durbin

5.Love Will Lead You Back-Karen Rodriguez

6.I'm The Only One-Lauren Alaina

7.What's Love Got To Do With It-Naima Adedapo

8.I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues-Paul McDonald

9.Where Do Broken Hearts Go-Pia Toscano

10.Can I Trust You With My Heart-Scotty McCreery

11.If You Don't Know Me By Now-Stefano Langone

12.Colors Of The Wind-Thia Megia

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