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Phiên bản đầy đủ: Practical mask recommendation
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Hello everyone, today I recommend masks to everyone. Due to epidemics, masks have become a necessity in our lives. Do you want a unique mask? Come and take a look at our website. The products here are of good quality and low price. You can also customize the pattern on the mask. There are not only masks, but also dust masks. Come and design a unique mask yourself.

1.Variety face towel polyester personalized face mask


Custom Variety face towel with Logo Image for Men and Women. It's so soft and breathable as a protection to your face. During work or activities like riding or sporting in extreme weather, it can well protect your respiratory tract to make you feel  better and safer. Product performance: Soft texture, skin-friendly, breathable, water-absorbent, quick-drying, soft and close-fitting, no ball, no bleaching, no odor, easy to clean, the fabric is soft and skin-friendly, timeless and versatile, it is washable and does not fade. Applicable scenarios: Beach, cycling, cross-country, mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, traveling, fitness, etc.

Other description:

Design description: full-width printing, single-sided printing
Material description: 100% polyester fiber (polyester)
Applicable people: Unisex
Chinese name: Variety face towel (multiple filter packs)
Product number: 10970
Product material: Polyester

[Image: Varietyfacetowelpolyestercustomizeandpri...ortext.jpg]

2.Black edge dust mask face mask custom design


Comfortable materials of the mask will not rub against your face. It can effectively and provide protection in remote or crowded places. Create your own masks with logo using our online and offline DIY options, or let us design for you. Whatever you want, we’ll help you make it happen here – and your customized mask will feel as good as it looks. Product performance: It is made of high-quality fabrics, very comfortable and easy to wear, and can prevent dust, small particles in the air, pollen, etc. Dust-proof, anti-odor; washable and reusable.

Other description:

Design Description: Full-width printing
Material description: Made of 100% polyester fiber
Design tips: Printing area picture size: 1701 * 1105 px
Chinese name: Black edge dust mask
Product number: 10868
Product material: polyester

[Image: Blackedgedustmaskpolyestercustomanddesig...orname.jpg]

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